Why Your Document URL Matters

We live in an age with a ton of spam, thus, the more clarity that you can deliver to your customers the better.  Let’s not sugar coat it, there are so many urls out there it is hard to know who is who and what is what. With more and more web domains, cloud based storage and online communities,  billions of new urls just got added to the mix. When you send an unknown url not only does it create a lack of credibility, it creates a lack of brand awareness for your company!

For cloud storage companies like Drive, Dropbox, or Box there are many branding opportunities when you share a link. 

Close Fox on the other hand does not force you to promote our brand or any other brand for that matter.  You are free and encouraged to promote your own. Think about it, when you share your website you are sharing everything that goes along with your brand name. This is why we built our custom url function. Just like any web hosting tool, you can now host your own documents. By using Close Fox to share and track your documents you get more information about viewer engagement than any other tool in the market and are able to further promote your brand.

For a limited time you can setup a Free Custom URL for sharing your sales and marketing documents. That means you can use which ever domain or subdomain you would like as your document link. For example if your website is www.theflowershop.com then you could make your document link http://doc.theflowershop.com/brochure. The first twenty companies to register in the month of December will receive free custom links on Close Fox for 6 months. That is a $600 value. Please email us or visit our website if you have any questions contact@closefox.com




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