Which Is The Best B2B Sales Automation Tool?

I recently joined Sales Stack Portland as an organizor and moderator. It’s amazing what you can learn when you have a bunch of engaged intelligent professionals that are passionate about sales! Take a look at our conversation about B2B sales automation tools, if you think that you can contribute or have any questions then join the Sales Stack Slack Community at www.salesstack.in.

Alex Mason: I’d like to get one positive and one negative about every sales email automation tool. Here are a few examples: Salesforce, Toutapp, Yesware, Outreach, etc.

Broc Pacholik: i’ve been taking a look at the hubspot crm .. might be a better alternative to close.io

Alex MasonHow much is close.io. What do you like about it? What don’t you like?

Jaron Hinds: Dont like that you cant track documents

dont like you cant upload more than 100k records at once

such a tease with the SMTP email feature

Broc Pacholik: salesforce: integrates with everything, high price/switching cost/implementation time

toutapp: it’s core functionality is solid, they do batch emails well and I like their interface for customizing each one .. tracking opens in their live feed is pretty decent too — I think it’s a bit overpriced though, I’ve also had problems with delivery before

yesware: — never actually tried it, always been on tout …. when I was evaluating them side by side I got way better customer service from Tout

Outreach: — I demo’d this app and it looks pretty solid, good interface but it’s really new and $60 user … would love to hear from someone actually using outreach

Close.io: — their call tracking is good, I also like the way their whole program is built around tasks… so if someone replies to an email it’s a task for you to reply to it and once you do it’s off your list …. again I think their pricing is super high $159/user/mon for enterprise is more than salesforce

Alex Mason: Great! I’ve also spent a lot of time on toutapp. I agree, I think their email opens are going down. I’ve heard it from several people. I really like the feed but know that it is not all that accurate. I recently stared using Reply, which I like a lot. They have taken the next step and started deactivating emails based on responses, which is helpful although its not 100% yet. Since it sends through gmail and uses gmail parameters I think that the email credibility is much higher. I recently sent out a campaign and have an average reply rate of 10%! with Tout its like 2%

If I could use hubspot for sales automation I would, but they reserve it for the opt in marketing tool, which is actually a really great idea to maintain email credibility.

Also, a friend of mine showed me carb.io. They have gone the same direction as replay and will provide an intelligent way to categorize and respond to responses. They have differentiated by including a list. They are partnered with one of the list providers. It is on the high end, I think $1000 a month, but you get all your leads too. It is also owned by Aaron Ross and Predictable revenue

They will manage the entire thing for you for 5k a month!

Scott Young: I’ve been using Yesware for about a year and a half now for email tracking, and they progressively start adding more features as they grow. Their pricing caps at $40/user for enterprise, so that’s really there strongsuit.

Specifically I like their multi-stage mail merge capabilities, and their seamless integration with salesforce, where you can enter your salesforce notes right from within gmail, it’s saved a lot of time.

Alex MasonYes, I like that about Toutapp as well. When I was using Saleforce, the integration was seamless.

do they do email automation or mass emailing?

Jaron Hinds: Has anyone tried Mixmax?

if youre working from the google mail dashboard, they are my fav

Scott Young: I havent heard of Mixmax since now, but it looks like a worthy contender

Alex Mason: It does look awesome. I’m actually looking for something for better templates in gmail and appointment setting!

Scott Young: they don’t do mail merges, but will soon based on this: https://mixmax.com/pricing/

Alex MasonThe Hubspot templating is limited because they don’t use the standard fields, so you can’t create any of your own

I use links for my calls to action and need a solid mail merge to do it right

Jaron Hinds: you can pick a hubspot lander a mile away

Broc Pacholik: if you’re just looking for templating and scheduling  streak does that for free… their mail merge seems to be just a script running out of your gmail but it works … I was using it as a hiring pipeline at a previous company and it worked great for that

Jaron Hindsaccurate statement, add scripted.com in the mix and youre automated

Alex MasonWell I really love Hubspot, so will likely stick with them. I just wish they let me use the mail merge how I like it.

everything else they do is great. And will likely be jumping onto the marketing automation pretty soon too

Anton Fagerberg: out of the ones I’ve tested close.io, yesware, toutapp, contactually and salesloft it’s definitely the one that suits my needs the best

great A/B testing, good tracking and scheduling options

core functionality working really well

not sure what else I can ask for out of a program like that, also their chrome extension working with linkedin is awesome

it’s like a light version of salesloft prospector included

option to choose between manual steps and automatic steps is neat too,

Alex Mason: The only tool that i’m aware of that wasn’t included was Persist IQ.

We really just touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sales automation. If you have any questions or want to contribute join the community at www.salesstack.in. Here are the tools that were discussed in the conversation:

CloseFox takes the guesswork out of sales followups by providing insight into prospect minds. By simply attaching your sales documents and videos to your email and sales automation templates CloseFox identifies which prospects to follow up with and how. Allowing sales teams to save hours every day and increase the effectiveness of follow-up calls and emails. Unlike other tools, CloseFox utilizes a proprietary alogrithm to short list the highest probability prospects, then provides the insight into what your prospects want. Empowering your team to win more deals.

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