What Startup Marketers Can Learn From B2B Sales Pros

The line between marketing and sales continues to blur. Not to say that they are the same role in an organization, but it is to say that their goals are becoming more align. Sell more!

With the evolution of the sales development rep, there is a champion in the company that understands the hustle of sales as well as the importance of targeting and messaging. Building a story with a clear value proposition that fits your customer’s needs.

In a start-up the need to properly target and convert clients with limited resources is the norm. That is why growth hackers take the organization, channels, and innovation from marketing, and combine it with the hustle, process, and shear will of sales. Here are a few things that startup marketers can learn from B2B sales pros:

  1. Get to know your customer on an individual level: Traditionally marketing’s job has been to group people into segments or niches. For sales reps, every interaction with every individual is unique. Your customers are individuals and as an individual your customer has likes and dislike. Things that are important to them both personally and professionally. Creating customer profiles based on customer interactions can help you understand what motivates your customers, what are their real challenges, and how you can generate value for them. Instead of treating them like a number.
  2. Pick up the phone: Making calls is hard and it takes time, but there is absolutely no better way to get to know a customer or a prospective customer. Ask questions and listen to what your customers have to say. If you genuinely try to help them you’ll find that they will open up and tell you everything that you need to know.
  3. Create a repeatable process: As a marketing professional you are expected to build a story and distribute that story to the right people. During all of the content creation, community management, and email campaigns it is easy to forget that there are steps that work for you, that can make you more efficient every day. Top sales reps build a process and follow it religiously. It is the only way to pursue so many individuals at every stage of the sales pipeline.
  4. Customize: It is so easy to create one great story, one great case study, one great video, then send it to the masses. Each individual has a buyer’s journey and a history with your company. Whether they joined a webinar, read an ebook or received a cold call. Use your customer’s history to design more targeted content that solves unique customer problems.

Companies like Hubspot and Salesforce are merging lead generation, customer relationship management and customer success into one fluid process. As the evolution of revenue generation continues there will be more and more ways for sales and marketing to communicate. Combining the two professions into a revenue generation department instead of marketing and sales silos.



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