What SaaS Startups Can Learn From Uber To Increase B2B Sales

Customer Success is when your customers achieve their desired outcome through their interaction with your company. This is a term that every single company in the world should be familiar with. Are you solving your customers’ problems? Are you meeting their expectations? For B2B start-ups, Customer Success is equally important to sales. It doesn’t matter much that you can close deals if your customers don’t last more than a couple of months. Your retention rate is an important number, which for the best companies can be as high as 99%. That means every time that you sell your product you add more monthly recurring revenue. Creating a consistent cash flow!

So how do you make your customers successful? You start by solving their problem with your product or service. Creating solutions that people need is the pillar of customer success. If you aren’t solving a real problem, you are wasting people’s time. There is a reason why companies like Uber, Amazon, Google and Apple, with the most customer loyalty, are successful. Here are a few more ways to increase the likelihood of customer success:

  1. Know your customer: This sounds obvious but too many companies get caught up on their product or service and are not focused enough to know who they are going after. If you don’t know who they are and what they need, you will never be able to help them.
  2. Make your service easy to try: Free trials and free advice have become the norm. Decision makers are not interested in taking a chance on something that they have never tried or do not understand. With the amount of competition out there it is important that potential customers can understand your product or service as quickly as possible.
  3. Wow them: Nobody wants another mundane product or service. Potential customers need to be impressed by the results or service that you provide immediately or they will try other products and quickly forget about you. Companies like Zappos have made wowing customers a key value proposition.
  4. Make on boarding painless: Friction in the on boarding process is a deal breaker. Most customers will not find the time to try your product or service if it is not intuitive and easy to use. That means providing fluid automation, concierge service and amazing support. Get on the phone, follow-up, and automate with products like Customer.io. Know where in the process your users get stuck and remove those barriers.
  5. Design an intuitive product: The days of clunky platforms that require an administrator are coming to an end. Even Salesforce has invested in solutions that make their user interface more intuitive. Users should be able to get started immediately.
  6. Educate your customers: Empowering your customers to become better at their job by using your product or service is key to maintaining engagement. Providing new and relevant insight can keep them coming back.

The purpose of your solution should be to take away pain, not add more pain. Focusing on customer success through the entire sales and on boarding process will increase the likelihood of retaining customers and create a customer centric culture within the organization. It will also increase the probability of your customer base growing by word of mouth. Uber is a great example of a service that solved a lot of people’s pain in a very effective way. I can’t tell you how many people have personally recommended Uber to me. It was inevitable that I would try it, and when I did I was hooked. Uber increased reliability, professionalism, and simplicity of payment. The on boarding is painless and the service is very intuitive. Should we make everything as easy as Uber? Yes, and it will be expected in the coming years for all products and services to provide that level of customer success.

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