We’ve Changed Our Brand To CloseFox

After months of working with users and advisors we have refined our value to inside sales teams and launched awesome new features, as well as a new brand.

With our new features we effectively help software as a service companies hunt targets, read minds, and win deals. Increasing inside sales with actionable insight for prospecting. Our new features were created in order to provide more usable analytics for sales teams to pursue the right prospects with the right message without changing their workflow. Soon to be released:

  • New Office 365 App.
  • More intelligent analytics.
  • Easier collaboration between marketing and sales.
  • Analysis of behavioral and big data.
  • Ability to share more types of content for selling.
  • Easy to use dashboard.
  • Content, CRM, and email integrations.

About CloseFox

Close Fox is a prospecting analytics tool that helps inside sales teams hunt their targets, read prospect minds and win more deals. We utilize content created by the marketing team to track prospect engagement and deliver easy to use analytics. Our dashboard helps sales teams know what is important to their prospects by tracking engagement and strategic data. Allowing them to follow up with the right prospect at the right time with the right message. Unlike other tools Close Fox analyzes vast amounts of data about sales prospects, so that sales teams can use more information in their day to day calls. Delivering shorter sales cycles and increased revenue.


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