Track Your Sales Videos With CloseFox

We want you know how engaged your prospects are with all of your different types of content. That is why we have added video tracking! We know that as a sales professional you need to build a relationship with prospective clients. Being an expert in what you do and helping your prospects become more successful is key in building credibility. You can now connect your Youtube, Vimeo, Dropbox, GDrive, and OneDrive to CloseFox and easily share your content with prospects.

Our customers consistently tell us how our heat mapping technology allows them to know exactly what their prospects are thinking. Allowing them to better understand their prospect needs. Send your prospects marketing videos, getting started videos, tutorials, customer interviews, and expert advice. Then use their engagement and behavioural data to follow up more effectively to win more deals.

About CloseFox

CloseFox is a sales tool that helps sales teams hunt their targets, read prospect minds and win more deals. We utilize sales and marketing content to better track prospect engagement and deliver easy to use analytics. Our dashboard helps sales teams know what is important to their prospects by tracking engagement and strategic data. Allowing them to follow up with the right prospect at the right time with the right message. Unlike other tools CloseFox increases revenue and lowers costs for businesses by allowing sales teams to sell smarter with easy to use day-to-day insights.

Alex Mason
Business Development

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