Is Marketing Content Useful For B2B Sales?

I recently joined Sales Hacker Portland as an organizer and Slack Community Moderator. After having a few discussions about sales content I realized that sales teams have many questions about content. It seems that most companies reserve all of the content for the marketing team and expect sales to use their charm and persuasion to move prospects down the funnel and close deals. Tools like presentations and proposals are clearly sales domain. They are key to building credibility and closing deals. You can in fact generate an enormous amount of information by tracking these documents. But these aren’t the only tools that can help win deals.

Sales teams are not consistently utilizing ebooks, case studies, brochures, blogs, intro videos, online demos, or online events. These tools are traditionally used by the marketing team to generate inbound leads. If you are doing cold outreach then your prospects likely have no idea who you are, so you’ll need to start from the beginning. The buyer’s Journey is an effective process in identifying the needs of your prospects. Here are examples of what you can use at every phase of the sales cycle:

  1. Cold Emailing: The first email will likely not have any call to action. But you can try an ebook or intro video in your signature. Provide some usefull information that can help your prospect. Even if they do not reply to your email, you will identify new leads if they show interest in your material. Similar to a website.
  2. Setting Up A Qualifying Call: Short one or two page brochures summarizing your value proposition are very effective here. Many prospects may not find the time to look through your website before your meeting. Also any recorded webinars or expert video content that could help them.
  3. Setting Up A Demo: Relevant case studies are great here. By tracking a case study you can identify talking point to create credibility and ask the right questions without talking about the weather.
  4. Meeting Follow-up: Whether you made a presentation or a demo, summarizing the information that you covered in a slide deck can be very insightful. Especially for enterprise type sales. For Saas sales you might want to go with an online demo for a reminder of some of the things that you discussed during the demo.
  5. Free Trial: Trials are a great oppotunity to get to know your prospect’s needs and clearly deliver value to your prospect. Share relevant tutorial videos that will get to the point of how they can use the product. Case studies could be helpful here too. Trial users that never sign on and never look at tutorials are likely tire kickers.
  6. Closing: Proposals work great. By building a tailored document that outlines the different aspects of the offer for their unique use case you can identify any final objections and understand exactly what it is that interests them in order to close the deal.

The combination of various types of material will allow your prospects to maintain their position as the decision maker while giving you insight into how to help them be successful. Today’s customers are empowered to do their own research and make their own decisions. Of course sales teams have influence over these decisions. Unfortunately relying on your charm and persuasion alone are not good enough anymore. Leverage the content that already works to close more outbound sales leads.

CloseFox takes the guesswork out of sales followups by providing insight into prospect minds. By simply attaching your sales documents and videos to your email CloseFox identifies which prospects to follow up with and how. Allowing sales teams to save hours every day and increase the effectiveness of follow-up calls and emails. Unlike other tools, CloseFox utilizes a proprietary alogrithm to short list the highest probability prospects, then provides the insight into what your prospects want. Empowering your team to win more deals.

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