How We Deliver Enterprise Level Security

It came to our attention that it is not clear if we provide a secure service. With a focus on enterprise sales we know that security is key in adopting That’s why we have taken multiple steps to make sure that you have control over your documents and personal information.

Here are some of our security features:

  1. Email Tracking: By asking your prospects for their email address you confirm that you have reached your target individual. Email addresses only have to be entered once, then are saved for all future document views.
  2. Password protection: Only allow viewers with a password (that you choose) to view your sales documents. Some proposals, pricing sheets and product specs are private, now you can keep it that way.
  3. Limit downloading: Not enabling your viewers to download your document increases your ability to control sharing. Our dashboard tracks sharing, but sometimes its easier to just keep it online.
  4. Expiry date: Create an expiry date for your document so that prospects only see the most up to date and relevant information.
  5. Highly secure Bcrypt password encryption: If you don’t know what Bcrypt password encryption is, don’t worry. We do.
  6. Enterprise document hosting: If you feel more comfortable hosting your information yourself then we can set that up for you without a problem. This allows you to share links with your subdomain and keep your data secure. This is similar to hosting your website on your own domain as opposed to a third party (i.e. wordpress, unbounce, etc.)

If there is anything else that would help you sleep at night let us know.


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