How To use Behavioral Data To Increase Revenue

CloseFox’s beta was launched in November 2014  with the name Dog & Pony Data. Since that time it has been a full time dynamic research projects that has give birth to our new brand CloseFox. CloseFox is made for sales teams to more effectively hunt targets, read minds, and win deals. We help increase revenue by leveraging marketing content to generate easy to use analytics for knowing your customer’s needs and following up.

This is what we have learned:

The Market

Sales is back! And with it a lot more data and analytics. The market speaks for itself. CloseFox has found a niche in the sales analytics, business intelligence and big data market.

Sales Trends

Inside Sales is the new viral product. Well, the reality is that viral companies and viral revenue never actually existed. Any successful B2B company has successfully had to implement sales strategies. Unfortunately for many entrepreneurs the mass media deemed it sexier to have really hot products versus effective business models and business strategies. On average 17% of the workforce at top growing companies are salespeople. Here is a break down of some of the brands you know:

The concept of the cheezy do or die sales professional is dead. Well at least in the technology world. I’m sure that they are kicking around less disruptive industries. Today’s sales teams are intelligent, responsive, and understand their customer’s needs. Inside sales jobs and career demand are up 54%.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

We have decided to create a clear focus on the new office 365. Although known for faulty launches and legacy software, Microsoft has really killed it. CloseFox is the first inside sales analytics tool in the Office 365 app store. With “3.5 million paying customers, each shelling out $99.99 for a 12-month” subscription there is nothing but a big future ahead. In fact “Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 is the company’s fastest growing commercial product ever, and adoption shows no sign of stalling”. Moving forward we are focusing on other Microsoft partnerships.


To date, having the ability to implement a data driven strategy has been the responsibility of data scientists. Completely ignoring the need of day to day sales people. Inside sales teams spend enormous amounts of time pursuing the wrong prospects and doing research that isn’t their job. They already send out a lot of emails and content that can generate relevant data.

With the most functional dashboard, accurate data, and relevant analytics in the space, CloseFox is focused on being the easiest way for sales teams to utilize behavioral and big data visualization to directly influence their daily effectiveness. While most analytics tools either deliver simple vanity metrics or rely on complicated business intelligence. CloseFox delivers analytics that actually impact your daily sales cycle without the complexity.

About CloseFox

CloseFox is a sales tool that helps sales teams hunt their targets, read prospect minds and win more deals. We utilize sales and marketing content to better track prospect engagement and deliver easy to use analytics. Our dashboard helps sales teams know what is important to their prospects by tracking engagement and strategic data. Allowing them to follow up with the right prospect at the right time with the right message. Unlike other tools CloseFox increases revenue and lowers costs for businesses by allowing sales teams to sell smarter with easy to use day-to-day insights.

Business Development

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