6 Smart Ways To Up Sell And Convert Your Trial Users

The software as a service landscape is getting busier by the day. What does that mean for your Saas business? It means that you need to make sure that you are the product of choice, no matter how many competitors they try out! There are many ways to generate good leads, but conversion strategies are the key to winning new B2B Saas customers.

What better prospect than the person that is willing to invest time to try your product? As a B2B Saas service you have two conversion techniques to get customers on board. First, a free trial. Second, limited free product. Here are some tips on converting unpaid users to paying customers. Although this is often marketing’s job, inside sales teams should have access to the necessary info to get this done.

  1. Follow their usage: Use Kissmetrics or Woopra to know if and how they are using your product.
  2. Customer Success: Make sure that they have the tools necessary to be successful with your product. This might mean implementing Freshdesk or Zendesk. Provide easy to use guides and videos. And be available to help them.
  3. Listen: Make sure there is a simple way to track and implement their suggestions. Showing that you listen to your customers will help create an emotional bond.
  4. Talk to them: When I say talk to them I mean call them or meet them. This may not be feasible with larger companies. Think of the ROI. Is it worth your time to treat them as a sales prospect? They are already willing to try your product, now you need to understand how to help them use it effectively so that they will become paying customers.
  5. Follow Up: Make sure that each user knows that you appreciate their interest in using your product and remind them of the other opportunities and features that you offer. Customer.io will allow you to automate this process based on behavioral cues.
  6. Know when to follow up: Share on boarding documents and videos with them. If they invest their time on your on boarding content they are a great prospect. Use CloseFox to read their minds and answer their questions before they even ask.

Upsell them or convert them to paying customers!

Free trial users are a great opportunity for new business. They have shown so much interest in your product that they have signed up and are investing their time. Make sure that you create an individual connection with each one of them and clearly emphasize the value that you can deliver. Freemium products require a different strategy that include in product upgrades. Target prospects should be given the attention they deserve in order to make them paying customers.

About CloseFox

CloseFox takes the guesswork out of sales followups by reading prospect minds. Our dashboard helps sales teams know what is important to their prospects by tracking engagement and strategic data. Allowing them to follow up with the right prospect at the right time with the right message. Unlike other tools CloseFox shorten’s the sales cycle by taking the guesswork out of followups, allowing you to pursue the right prospect with the right message.

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