How To Connect Emotionally With Your Sales Prospects

I know that this goes against everything that you believe, but your sales prospects want to like you. The good news is that relationships can be developed…even if they start off cold. Think about it, who are the people that you want to listen to? They are the experts that you connect with. They are the ones that you have something in common with. When you trust someone you are willing to take advice from them. It is the same when being sold something.

When was the last time you had to decide on a car dealer, realtor or consultant. They are all “experts” in what they sell. So how are you going to choose which one is going to win your business?

Every time you engage with a prospect this is what is subconsciously going through their mind:

  1. Do I like you?
  2. Do you listen to me?
  3. Do you make me feel important?
  4. Do you get me and my problems?

If you can connect with a prospect at these levels then there will be credibility. With credibility comes trust. And with trust comes the willingness to take advice. Knowing how to connect with your prospect is difficult. You need to pay attention to a mix of verbal and behavioral cues to know if you are answering their questions and solving their problems.

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