How Marketing Techniques Can Make Startups Better At B2B Sales

There are consistently new sales concepts, terms and acronyms. Most of which are made for consultants to try and demonstrate how much they can make up. I agree that sales is evolving, but most if not all concepts, already exist. Marketers have been using them for years.

Hustle, persistent, and charm help, but aren’t going to get you a leg up on your competitors’ hustle, persistence and charm. The best way to get ahead is to understanding your market, understand your customers, have a clear value proposition, and differentiate from your competitors. Then leverage technology to better target, track, and communicate with prospects.

Here are a few B2B startup sales tips that have been making marketers successful for years:

  1. Know your market: You need to know your market inside and out, not just so that you can tell prospects how much better you are than your competitor, but so that you can be an expert advisor for your prospects and educate them. Giving them insight into how you can help them become more successful at whatever they do.
  2. Build a great story: How did your company rise from the ashes to help so many people do so many things? How did your company evolve? How have you solved problems for your customers? Why are you solving their problem? When you have a great story you can start to adapt that story to align yourself with your prospect’s needs. Maybe they found the problem the same way that you did or your company did? Sales Masters like Elon Musk, Larry Ellison, Richard Branson used story telling to build empires.
  3. Believe in the power of content: Great content is proven to generate leads, drive trials, and increase conversions. Used as a sales tool it is even more powerful. Customizing case studies, videos, and proposals to solve individual prospect challenges is a sure way to build a relationship and increase the likelihood of a sale.
  4. Connect using multiple distribution channels: “Social Selling” has become a very popular term. Companies pay sales consultants a fortune to access this innovate sales technique. The reality is that community managers could do a better job of explaining how to do it than any sales consulting. Leveraging multiple channels to use multiple touch points in order to engage and interact with your prospects. Listen to what they have to say through social networks, or identify influencers. Using tools other than your phone and email can leads to shorter sales cycles and stronger relationships with your prospective customers.
  5. Nurture: Not every lead or opportunity is ready to buy. That doesn’t mean that you should put them on an email list and forget about them. Continue to use your expertise, content, and community to help them be successful. Use trigger events and behaviour to follow up. Rely less on robotic tasks.
  6. Automate: There has been a boom in spamming technology. That does not mean that you should spam everybody! Marketers were the first to use automation to communicate with large groups of target customers. The technology has evolved to empower sales teams to create a more efficient process using the tools and techniques that they already do. Automate emails and reminders, but always remember to customize your message and leverage your prospect’s history to build a relationship and solve their problems.
  7. Test: Over the last few years marketers have been able to define their message more effectively using split testing on emails, websites, content, etc. Sales reps now have the power to do this effectively. Testing email messages, phone conversation, and sales collateral to truly know what is effective and what is not.
  8. Analyze: Marketers have used analytics for a long time to understand what is converting and what is not working. Sales teams can do even more by understand what behaviors are making sales reps more successful, which parts of the sales funnel are proving to be a challenge, and what prospect behaviour demonstrates a likelihood to buy.
  9. Use Technnology: There are many marketing tools. So many tools that they are becoming a commodity. The reason for all the tools is to increase efficiency. The same can be done for sales. As sales teams better understand the effectiveness of technology they will improve the effectiveness of their process. Untapping the success that marketers have already experienced.

The right technology is the key when implementing scalable and repeatable stategies. Sales teams already identify target accounts, find contact information, identify influencers, communicate with prospects, nurture prospects, and close deals. Why not save a lot of time by identifying the right tools to do these tasks more efficiently?



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