How B2B Sales Development Reps Can Use Analytics Every Day Without Wasting Time

The biggest concern about all of the analytics tools that are flooding the market is that they are not making anybody’s life better. Most tools are built for sales managers, but the tools built for individual B2B sales reps take more time out of the day than they save! Especially the dreaded sales report. Here are some analytics that you can actually use to increase conversion, save time, and win more deals. Without turn your day into an administrative nightmare.

  1. Email Template Analytics: Any good sales automation or CRM should have a template feature. Here is where you create templates for each of your key messages and follow-ups to prospects. Create a split test to see which template is performing better. Test subject lines and call to actions. You can usually test a template for a couple of weeks to know which is more effective. You can generate a 10% to 50% increase in opens by simply changing the title or a 5% to 15% increase in replies by updating the body of the email.
  2. Document / Video Analytics: When creating a template for your email correspondence use a single call to action in the email to see if that increases the click-through or response rate. Play with the types of content, whether it be how-to videos, cases studies, presentations, or brochures. Utilizing sales collateral will give you much more insight into the engagement of that individual. Email tracking is a neat tool, but only scratches the surface.
  3. Email / Call Volume: Invest in a CRM that documents everything you do and provides an easy to use summary. Comparing your call and email volume to your close-rate month to month can give you an indication of why you may or may not be hitting your numbers.
  4. Call Recording: A few CRMs will actually record your calls. Reviewing your most successful  calls once a month will help you understand where prospects were engaged in the call, what questions worked and how to make your calls more effective.

Each one of these techniques should take you little to no time to set up with the right tool and a couple of hours a month to review and update. All of the tracking and reporting should be done automatically so that you don’t need to spend any time during key calling hours. When you are sending emails, using sales collateral, and making calls make sure that the tools that you use automatically track and populate your CRM. So that all you have to do is set it up once, then check once a week to improve your numbers and hit your quota.

CloseFox takes the guesswork out of sales follow ups by providing insight into prospect minds. By simply attaching your sales documents and videos to your email and sales automation templates CloseFox identifies which prospects to follow-up with and how. Allowing sales teams to save hours every day and increase the effectiveness of follow-up calls and emails. Unlike other tools, CloseFox utilizes a proprietary algorithm to short list the highest probability prospects, then provides the insight into what your prospects want. Empowering your team to win more deals.


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