Guy Kawasaki’s Guide To A Great Sales Pitch Deck

Sales Hacking is a relatively new term. The truth is Guy Kawasaki has been hacking sales for a long time. I recommend The Art Of The Start to both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike. Although written for startups, established companies are now implementing tools and processes that have made startups successful. Its all about creating and demonstrating value to users and customers. So here it is, Guy’s guide on making a sales pitch:

Slide 1 Title – Corporate Information: Get to the point and explain what you do in simple terms.

Slide 2 Problem – Describe Pain Point: Speak very clearly to the problem that your customer has.

Slide 3 Solution – Provide the gist of how your solution solves their problem. Don’t go into details.

Slide 4 Sales Model – Explain what you are selling and what your value proposition is: Talk about all of the other companies that are working with you and how they derive value from your solution. Might need a separate slide if you have amazing customers.

Slide 5 Technology – Describe your secret sauce and how your solution is unique: Use as many visuals as possible. Demonstrate in the simplest terms possible how it has worked.

Slide 6 Demo- Segue into a live demo: If you can properly show the value of the product then it is worth more than words.

Slide 7 Competitive Analysis – Provide a complete view of the competitive landscape: Too much is better than too little. Find out what products your prospects are using and any problems they have with them. Always be positive about your competitors and how you add value in comparison.

Slide 8 Management Team – Describe your key players: Do this to make your prospects feel comfortable with buying from a startup. You likely have some kind of expert on your team.

Slide 9 Next Steps – End your presentation with a call to action: For example, a trial period or test installation. How you are going to move forward and what the deliverables are.

I use The Art Of The Start as a how to guide. I consistently refer to it for various responsibilities that I have for building my company. Although written for startups, many of the concepts around building value can be applied in any business scenario.

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