Get More B2B Sales Responses With A Clear Call To Action In Your Emails

Every step of your sales cycle needs to have a clear follow up and call to action. That’s right, you don’t need to wait until the end of a 6 month sales cycle to make something happen. There is always an ask after every interaction with a prospect. Whether it is sending more information, setting up a demo or following up with a meeting. Every step should be laid out with a clear ask. Including a call to action in your follow-up correspondence can increase the likelihood of a quick response or even a yes or a no (which is better than a maybe).

Since most sales correspondence is done via email, it is easier than ever to include a call to action. Allowing you to gauge your prospect’s engagement and interest.

Some things to consider when building in a call to action:

  1. Adding images or html to your emails can affect your email open rate.
  2. Using third party emailing tools that do not send through Gmail or Outlook can decrease your open rate.
  3. Email tracking technology is not accurate and does not present actionable data.
  4. Have one very clear call to action where you want your prospect to click.
  5. If you have a second call to action make sure that it does not over power your main call to action.

Here are some ways to include a call to action in your B2B sales email:

  1. Email Body: This is the most obvious call to action. You might want to avoid this when following a sales automation process. It works great once your prospects have interacted with you and want more information.
  2. Email Signature: It is tempting to have several calls to action in your signature, but be aware that every link in your email can draw attention from what you want your prospect to actually do.
  3. Post Script: This is a great way to offer some more details without coming across as pushy.

Here are some examples of great tools to use in your calls to action in order to gauge interest.

  1. Link to an introductory video: Use a link to a video at the early stages of your sales cycle. After a cold call, or even a first call. Executives are more likely to watch a video than read a document if they don’t know who you are. Just like placing a video on your company’s website landing page. Except now you know exactly who they are and how engaged they are.
  2. Link to a calendar app: If you believe your prospect is ready for a meeting then give them some options to set a meeting right from your email.
  3. Link to an Ebook: These are also great for the earlier stages of a sales cycle. Give before receiving by creating value for your prospect before an ask.
  4. Link to a Case Study: When you are ready to provide social proof, your case study can be very effective. It is also great because you can format it to draw your prospects attention into specific sections and track their behavior.
  5. Link to a proposal: By creating and tracking a great proposal you can actually draw out your prospect’s objections before you even have a conversation.
  6. Link to a how to video: More and more companies are providing free trials. These opportunities are perfect for account managers to pursue prospects that are clearly already interested in your product. Knowing who is spending the time to understand your product by watching tutorials is key in making sure that they become paying customers.

Having a call to action can be the difference between knowing your prospect’s needs or never hearing from them again. It is no longer okay to send page long emails that nobody will read (especially through LinkedIn). By simple touching base and positioning a call to action that redirects to relevant content, it gives your prospects the opportunity to review relevant information instead of glazing over when they see an endless email.

CloseFox takes the guesswork out of sales follow ups by providing insight into prospect minds. By simply attaching your sales documents and videos to your email and sales automation templates, CloseFox identifies which prospects to follow-up with and how. Allowing sales teams to save hours every day and increase the effectiveness of follow-up calls and emails. Unlike other tools, CloseFox utilizes a proprietary algorithm to analyze the engagement of prospects when viewing documents and videos, then provides the insight into what your prospects want. Empowering your team to win more deals.


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