Cold Calling For Winners: 10 Ways To Get Back Into It

With marketing’s ability to generate leads in a variety of ways it has given birth to many buzzwords. Demand generation. Lead scores. Lead generation. Content marketing. Warm calls. These are all useful strategies for the marketing team to fill the funnel with leads. The question remains, whether implementing these methods consistently delivers high quality leads to the sales team. Somewhere along the way someone decided that there is no longer a need for cold calls! We here at CloseFox love a good cold call. Ask any sales guru or top seller if cold calling works and you will get a resounding YES! So why are we now so scared of the cold call?

Well for starters, rejection. Also, it’s hard. If it’s not done properly it is also a big waste of time and money. You don’t just get to sit in your comfy quiet office, make cold calls and watch your sales go through the roof. You need to hunt down leads and engage with your prospects through a unique mix of information, consultation and assistance. Think of the last time you were in a retail store browsing for a new shirt. Chances are that you did not go seek out a salesperson, but instead they found you and provided you with helpful information about sizes, trends and new arrivals.

Be that salesperson. Find your customers. Provide them with applicable information. Always keep in mind, an effective cold call should identify the next step and should not be more than 10 minutes. Here are 10 ways to get back to making calls and ensuring that it works:

1. Schedule time every day: Procrastination is a killer and you have tons of other stuff to do in your day. So block off time for cold calls by setting an hour or two for cold calls every day in your calendar. Before you start, make sure you have all of your phone numbers ready to go. Dial away.

2. Believe it works: If you go into it with a negative attitude you will get negative results. Frame your mind so that you don’t easily give up.

3. Be clear about your intentions: Be transparent and honest about your intentions because people who you are forthright with will usually point you in the right direction.

4. Outline the objective of your call: Promptly tell them what you do, how much time it will take and what you would like to get out of the conversation. Be timely and be concise.

5. Ask them a question: Remember this is the first time you interact, keep it simple. Once they know why you have called ask them a question and then STOP TALKING!

6. Listen: Use their answer to better explain how you can help them, and then ask them another question. Get to the bottom of their challenges. Continue until you are clear that there is value for them or they set a meeting.

7. Ask up to 3 times: When asking for a next step, acknowledge their objections then ask again. Everybody is “happy with their solution” and “very busy”.

8. Outline next steps: Tell them what information you are going to send them, when you are setting up the next meeting or when you will call again.

9. Voicemail: If you get voicemail then clearly outline why you called, what you are going to email them and when you plan to follow up.

10. Follow Up: Send them pertinent information that will help them understand your value proposition. Clearly define when and how you will follow up to better understand their challenges.

Taking the first step is always the hardest. Remember there is a direct correlation between making more calls, getting more meetings, and closing more deals. Once you have consistently made time every day to make cold calls you can then follow up because you are starting to build your pipeline. There is nothing worse than picking up that phone unprepared as you are wasting everyone’s time. To be an effective salesperson it is imperative to create the right process that is repeatable and measurable.

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