How To Make A Killer Sales Video For Your B2B Sales Prospects

Not everyone is ready for a full product demo. More and more sales development reps are using video to grab the attention of executive decision makers. Which only makes sense as executives have very little time and are more engaged … Continued

How Marketing Techniques Can Make Startups Better At B2B Sales

There are consistently new sales concepts, terms and acronyms. Most of which are made for consultants to try and demonstrate how much they can make up. I agree that sales is evolving, but most if not all concepts, already exist. … Continued

What Startup Marketers Can Learn From B2B Sales Pros

The line between marketing and sales continues to blur. Not to say that they are the same role in an organization, but it is to say that their goals are becoming more align. Sell more! With the evolution of the … Continued

B2B Sales Partnership Opportunities

The world of sales enablement has seen a grand evolution over the past few years. The idea of empowering your sales team with better processes and tools to scale your sales process is now making it into the main stream. … Continued

Which Is The Best B2B Sales Automation Tool?

I recently joined Sales Stack Portland as an organizor and moderator. It’s amazing what you can learn when you have a bunch of engaged intelligent professionals that are passionate about sales! Take a look at our conversation about B2B sales … Continued

6 Social Selling Tips: Using LinkedIn Groups For B2B Sales Without Wasting Time

LinkedIn Groups can be a really big time waster. But they are a great way of networking online and identifying either prospects or potential partners. Here are a few tricks I use to stay on top of them. These work for … Continued

Is Marketing Content Useful For B2B Sales?

I recently joined Sales Hacker Portland as an organizer and Slack Community Moderator. After having a few discussions about sales content I realized that sales teams have many questions about content. It seems that most companies reserve all of the content … Continued

5 Ways To Use Video In Your Sales Cycle

Traditionally video content has been reserved for the marketing team. Posting introductory videos, online tutorial, and Customer interviews on the website is a proven method for engaging website visitors. So why don’t videos work for your sales process? Well, they do! … Continued

How To Get More Out Of Sales Automation

We are excited to announce that CloseFox now works with all sales automation, marketing automation, and newsletter software. That means tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Toutapp, Yesware, Reply,, Mailchimp etc. Not only do your CloseFox links fit snuggly into any email template … Continued

How To Start Social Selling

There is a lot of hype around “social selling“. Why has it become the big trend? and why is it important that you learn about it? Social selling is another channel for you as a sales professional to connect with … Continued