B2B Sales Partnership Opportunities

The world of sales enablement has seen a grand evolution over the past few years. The idea of empowering your sales team with better processes and tools to scale your sales process is now making it into the main stream. Many of the strategies used by marketers are being used by sales team at each stage of the sales process. Testing processes and using data to make decisions is a core concept that has allowed sales managers and sales development reps to make quicker and better decisions. The next step is to have intelligent software crunch all of the data for your. This is where CloseFox adds the most value to sales teams.

With all of the great discussions happeing around sales development we wanted to give sales influencers the opportunity to benefit from CloseFox’s success. That is why we are offering up to 30% commission if any of our partners promote CloseFox to their network. We are keeping it simple, if you share CloseFox with your network and any of those people purchase CloseFox you will get up to 30% of every dollar spent with us.

To become a CloseFox partner just email Alex Mason alex@closefox.com to get your CloseFox partnership account.

CloseFox takes the guesswork out of sales followups by providing insight into prospect minds. By simply attaching your sales documents and videos to your email and sales automation templates CloseFox identifies which prospects to follow up with and how. Allowing sales teams to save hours every day and increase the effectiveness of follow-up calls and emails. Unlike other tools, CloseFox utilizes a proprietary alogrithm to short list the highest probability prospects, then provides the insight into what your prospects want. Empowering your team to win more deals.

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