8 Social Selling Mistakes You Are Making In Your LinkedIn B2B Sales Messages

LinkedIn is amazing!!! Now that I got that out-of-the-way, I am seeing really consistent mistakes from individuals sending me introductory messages on LinkedIn. There are many services that utilize low-cost labour to manage real and fake LinkedIn accounts. Some times it is an Inmail and sometimes it is a request for a connection. I have never used one of these services, as I believe that sales communication should be as personalized / customized as possible. I can’t speak to whether they produce results or not. What I can tell you is I am getting a lot of these messages and it is very obvious that people do not know what they are doing.

LinkedIn B2B sales messages should be treated like any other introduction email. Here are the top mistakes from LinkedIn introductory messages:

  1. No Reason For The Message: The messages are completely cold! No reference to a shared contact? or group? or anything else? Don’t send the same message to every person with the title that you are targeting. Take a quick look at their profile, I can assure you that in 30 seconds you can find something to lead with.
  2. Your Messages Are Too Long: Nobody is going to read a two page long email, let alone from a stranger. Keep the first message to a few sentences.
  3. No Next Step: It’s like getting a pitch, then no question. It creates an awkward silence with no real direction for the conversation to go. Make it easy for them, tell them what you want, or what you are going to do, or what interests you.
  4. No Call To Action: The reply rate is not very high for any introductory email, so why not make it easy for your prospect to understand who you are and why they should care. Provide a link to your website or content.
  5. Too Promotional: Social selling doesn’t really work with one-sided conversations. The point is that you need to provide support or information or help in some shape or form before someone is going to be engaged. Offer to help them accomplish something or provide some useful links / content.
  6. Not Customized: When you use a generic template for LinkedIn messages it shows that you do not know what you are doing. Since you cannot use mail merge that eliminates the ability to mass customize messages. You have access to their complete professional profile. Utilize that information to customize the message.
  7. No Value Proposition: Telling your prospect how great you are is the quickest way to lose your prospect’s interest. Describe how you can make them more money, make them more efficient, make them happier. Anything is better than telling them about all of your features and how great you are.
  8. No Tracking: You track everything else, why wouldn’t you track your LinkedIn messages. I realize that LinkedIn does not provide that functionality. Including a call to action with a trackable link can solve this problem and provide more insight than an email open.

By following the most effective B2B sales email etiquette you can avoid many of the pitfalls that i’ve mentioned. The best way to get a conversation started on LinkedIn is to get active in relevant groups and contributing non promotional insight into professional challenges. Then taking promotional conversations out of the groups and into private messages. I have made many connections this way and identified both partners and leads.

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