6 Ways To Qualify Your Prospects Like A Pro

There are a lot of ways to generate leads but this does not imply that every lead is created equally. Frankly speaking, sales teams are very well compensated and often times they are the most expensive HR resource. Subsequently, when the sales team follows up on the wrong lead it costs a lot of money and wastes valuable time. Why would you have your most expensive resource wasting their time on the least profitable activity? Here are some quick tips on deciphering who is browsing and who is serious:

1. Check their social networks

These days, you can learn about anyone with a simple Google search. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles can give an idea of how knowledgeable and active they are in their industry. Do they share content about what they do? Do they blog? Are they passionate? It is a good sign if they are active because it shows they are engaged with their job and more importantly, are motivated to do better. This should signal that they are open to making improvements and there may be an opportunity for you to help them.

2. Check their company website

It is becoming common practice for companies to list their team members online. This helps you understand the organizational structure and identify the decision makers and influencers.

3. Email opens

Did they open your email multiple times? Click your links? Share your email? Email intelligence does not provide a complete picture, but can be a first step before diving in deeper. There are many tools that can help with this including Mailchimp, Yesware, Toutapp, Hubspot and Salesforce.

4. Content engagement

Did they consume and share your videos, sales documents and website links? How much time did they spend within your content? What interested them? How does this compare to your other prospects? This insightful data is why we built CloseFox. We help increase revenue by empowering sales teams to better utilize marketing / sales content and understand prospect needs.

5. Onboarding emails

Help your prospects on your free trial succeed with useful and relevant product-related emails. Customer.io will create behavioural cues for sending on boarding emails. Behavioural cues are a great way to identify engaged leads and motivated buyers.

6. Customer success call

Every prospect who signs up for a free trial deserves a customer success call. It reinforces to your prospect that you genuinely want to help them and it helps you learn more about how they are using your solution and closes the loop in customer feedback. If you don’t have time to chat then products like Kissmetrics or Woopra can help you understand their behaviour.

7. Build an account profile

If you have an engaged prospect then learn more about their company. Whether their company fits your target profile. Who are their competitors? What is their focus? What are their challenges? How large is the company? What revenues do they generate? Great intel can be found on their blogs, news articles or sites like InsideView, Sidekick, Hoovers and Dun & Bradstreet.

Don’t waste your time on the wrong leads. Save your time and make more money by identifying high potential customers that are engaged. By knowing who is ready for a conversation now, it will help you plan for the future and move leads through your sales funnel more quickly.

About CloseFox

CloseFox is a sales tool that helps sales teams hunt their targets, read prospect minds and win more deals. We utilize sales and marketing content to better track prospect engagement and deliver easy to use analytics. Our dashboard helps sales teams know what is important to their prospects by tracking engagement and strategic data. Allowing them to follow up with the right prospect at the right time with the right message. Unlike other tools CloseFox increases revenue and lowers costs for businesses by allowing sales teams to sell smarter with easy to use day-to-day insights.

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