6 Social Selling Tips: Using LinkedIn Groups For B2B Sales Without Wasting Time

LinkedIn Groups can be a really big time waster. But they are a great way of networking online and identifying either prospects or potential partners. Here are a few tricks I use to stay on top of them. These work for social selling even if you are on the free version of LinkedIn.

  1. Eliminate All The Noise: If you are targeting marketers in the automotive industry then find the most relevant group possible. There are so many groups that you will get a lot of unrelated content and people if the group is too generic. Eliminating unnecessary groups will also clean up your news feed.
  2. Subscribe To The Email Newsletter: I know it is annoying to constantly get emails, that is why Google created those great easy to use intelligent promotional and update folders. Utilize those folders, or what ever intelligent folders your email tool has in order to automatically take LinkedIn Group conversations and put them in one place for later.
  3. Commit A Couple Of Hours A Week: Put some time in your calendar to go through your promo and update folders. You can get a feel for what kind of conversations are happening from the email notifications. If you think that you can contribute then click through to the group page.
  4. Don’t Sell Anything: Promoting yourself or your product is the easiest way to be eliminated from a conversation. Skim through the conversation feed and like some of the people that you agree with. Then add your own comment agreeing with the people that interested you. Be as positive as possible.
  5. Respond To Engagement: If a potential target customer likes your post or responds to your post take the opportunity to send them a private message thanking them and asking them how you can help. Also add them to your LinkedIn network.
  6. Sell: Finally after all of this, if you find someone that is engaged by your ideas and is curious about what you do then sell them. Make them a lead, take the conversation to email and continue on with your regular sales process.

The key to successfully using the LinkedIn Groups for B2B Sales is to not waste all your time on them. Lurking around LinkedIn and randomly making comments won’t work because you will have so many conversations you will forget which were relevant and which were irrelevant. And you will spend hours every day engaging with people that will never be your customer.

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