5 Easy Low Cost Ways To Track And Engage Your Sales Prospects

Having a gut feeling is usually helpful, especially if you are some kind of guru. Unfortunately most of us aren’t gurus and can’t just depend on our sixth sense when selling. That’s why i’m amazed at how many people do not utilize low cost easy to use tools for tracking prospects and engaging them. The days of simply emailing sales pitches into the vast depths of the internet and randomly following up a couple of days later are over. Enterprise level solutions like Salesforce and Marketo have proven that these tools work, but not everyone has the time or money to properly implement enterprise CRMs. The following tools are easy to implement and will allow you to track and engage your prospects with a reasonable budget:

  1. Sidekick: This email tracking tool created by Hubspot simply integrates into your gmail. It allows you to track individual emails and see social data on your target prospects. Hubspot has traditionally been a marketing tool but is moving into the sales game with a free CRM. Users can see 200 email opens / clicks per month with the free versions or pay for unlimited.
  2. Slideshare: I know what you’re thinking, “isn’t Slideshare that super old app that was bought by Linkedin and is no longer useful?” Nope, not anymore. Slideshare allows you to upload your pitch decks and share them privately (as well as publicly). They provide simple viewer data and are in the process of releasing their paid presentation analytics as a free service.
  3. Dog & Pony Data: This prospect rating and document tracking tool allows you to convert documents (i.e. one pagers, brochures, product specs, pricing sheets, proposals, etc.) into targeted links that you share with your individual or groups of prospects. It ranks your prospects based on engagement and tells you who is viewing your document at that moment in time. It provides a variety of data on viewer engagement and basis analytics on viewer mouse movements and scrolling for increased accuracy (heat maps). Next time you contact your prospect you will be completely informed to close the deal.
  4. Woopra: This is more of a web analytics tools, but if you can get access to this data it would be a huge advantage as a sales person. It tracks users through your online conversion funnel, similar to other products in the market but it also provides social profiles for users. This allows you to take the customer success offline with follow up phone calls. You can use Woopra to identify interested prospects and up sell your current customers.
  5. join.me: Every one of us has had a negative experience setting and attending an online demo. Online demos are a necessity for any kind of software sales and can be used in a variety of other scenarios to build trust and get to know prospects that you are not able to connect with in person. join.me allows you do to a very quick and stable share screen with prospects. Once you have them on the phone you can quickly and easily direct them to a short demo so that they can visualize your solution. It is no longer free but is still affordable compared to the competition.

If you have any other favourite tools that you would like to share, let me know. I’m always looking for great new ways to engage with prospects.



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