4 Data Driven Tools For Sales Success

Good analytics is key to becoming an expert at anything. The most successful companies analyze everything including all of their sales and marketing strategies. So why wouldn’t you? Here are some important tools to help you succeed.

Email Templates

As a prospector, it is essential to send a lot of emails. Tools like Yesware, Toutapp, and Hubspot CRM allow you to easily track the effectiveness of your templates by providing insight into email views and clicks.

Sales Content

Sales content includes any material that you send your prospects such as videos, documents or proposals. You need to know more than whether someone opened something or not. And this is precisely why we
built CloseFox. Know exactly how the prospects are engaged with your content and what that means.


CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics have better reporting functionality whereas, companies likeInsightly or Highrise provide a simple easy to use solution. Often it’s a case of functionality versus usability. Usually the simpler the CRM the more basic the reporting functionality. You can use analytics data to understand who your ideal customer profile is or where you can improve within the sales cycle. Unfortunately there is usually a limit to what you can do with a CRM unless you start adding business intelligence.

Business Intelligence

These are heavy duty tools, such as Insight Squared and Good Data, that can analyze just about anything. The catchall is they are generally expensive, complicated and resource heavy. Often times such tools require a full time person to just manage the data properly. The consensus is to only use these tools if you have the resources in place to implement and maintain them properly.

As analytics tools improve they will continue to get more intuitive and intelligent. Right now, the biggest challenge is workflow. You don’t want to waste time jumping across the different apps to understand what is or is not working. CRM integration of analytical sales tools allows sales teams to better manage sales workflow, to improve sales productivity and to effectively capture data to assist in business decisions.

About CloseFox

CloseFox is a sales tool that helps sales teams hunt their targets, read prospect minds and win more deals. We utilize sales and marketing content to better track prospect engagement and deliver easy to use analytics. Our dashboard helps sales teams know what is important to their prospects by tracking engagement and strategic data. Allowing them to follow up with the right prospect at the right time with the right message. Unlike other tools CloseFox increases revenue and lowers costs for businesses by allowing sales teams to sell smarter with easy to use day-to-day insights.

Business Development

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