8 Social Selling Mistakes You Are Making In Your LinkedIn B2B Sales Messages

LinkedIn is amazing!!! Now that I got that out-of-the-way, I am seeing really consistent mistakes from individuals sending me introductory messages on LinkedIn. There are many services that utilize low-cost labour to manage real and fake LinkedIn accounts. Some times it … Continued

How Effective Is Email Tracking For B2B Sales?

This question comes up a lot as CloseFox works so closely with email automation tools, many of which track opens. When I started using email automation tools years ago I always thought that it was strange how most email recipients didn’t … Continued

Get More B2B Sales Responses With A Clear Call To Action In Your Emails

Every step of your sales cycle needs to have a clear follow up and call to action. That’s right, you don’t need to wait until the end of a 6 month sales cycle to make something happen. There is always … Continued

How B2B Sales Development Reps Can Use Analytics Every Day Without Wasting Time

The biggest concern about all of the analytics tools that are flooding the market is that they are not making anybody’s life better. Most tools are built for sales managers, but the tools built for individual B2B sales reps take … Continued

Today’s Top B2B Sales Trends

When building a sales acceleration tool you are forced to really understand the sales market and what the trends are. Between the Sales Stack Community, Sales Influencers, Sales Hacker, and client conversations I’ve been able to better understand what people … Continued

How Sales Software Can Create An ROI For Your B2B Sales Team

Return on investment is the key phrase when it comes to productivity software. Especially in sales. While marketing managers seem to be willing to at least try various products and services in order to increase website traffic, generate leads, and grow website … Continued

B2B Sales Partnership Opportunities

The world of sales enablement has seen a grand evolution over the past few years. The idea of empowering your sales team with better processes and tools to scale your sales process is now making it into the main stream. … Continued