Free: CloseFox For Gmail

Finally, by popular demand, we present our Gmail Chrome Extension! That’s right, now you can take the guesswork out of sales follow ups right from your gmail inbox. We realized that although our enterprise friends love Outlook, many of our startup friends depend … Continued

4 Data Driven Tools For Sales Success

Good analytics is key to becoming an expert at anything. The most successful companies analyze everything including all of their sales and marketing strategies. So why wouldn’t you? Here are some important tools to help you succeed. Email Templates As … Continued

6 Ways To Know Who Is Ready To Buy

When prospects start asking you questions about your product or service you get excited! This is a great sign, right? Well, not necessarily. The new wave of information connects sales with more potential customers, but also connects buyers with alternate competitive … Continued

6 Ways To Qualify Your Prospects Like A Pro

There are a lot of ways to generate leads but this does not imply that every lead is created equally. Frankly speaking, sales teams are very well compensated and often times they are the most expensive HR resource. Subsequently, when … Continued

3 Ways For Sales Teams To Generate Quality Leads

One should note this blog is not marketing-centric, but instead sales-driven. Accordingly, we will keep the marketing strategy to a minimum. It is important to know how marketing is generating the leads that are being passed onto sales for qualification and … Continued