What Does All Of This Document Data Mean?

Each Dog & Pony Data document link that you send to prospects generates a lot of data for both the document and individual prospect, but what does it all mean? How do you use it? Here’s a simple guide for making some … Continued

How To Make Sure Your Document Gets Opened

Now a days getting an email and clicking on a document link is normal. Especially if the email is coming from someone you know. It doesn’t mean that you can’t increase opens. By having a prospect click on your link … Continued

How To Utilize Document Analytics For Sales

Dog & Pony Data Document tracking provides amazingly applicable data for following up with prospects. But the question remains, which documents are worth tracking? Should we track everything? Tracking everything would be really interesting. But that is more of a … Continued

How We Deliver Enterprise Level Security

It came to our attention that it is not clear if we provide a secure service. With a focus on enterprise sales we know that security is key in adopting www.dogandponydata.com. That’s why we have taken multiple steps to make … Continued